Read our mission statement!

Thanks to great input from many Germany Carolina Club members, we now have a mission statement meant to guide our club activities!

Based on an online survey among all Germany Carolina Club members in early 2016, we discussed our draft mission statement at the 2016 annual meeting in Frankfurt. The survey results were presented, analyzed and critically evaluated among all the members in attendance. We came up with a draft mission statement, which was then again distributed to all Germany Carolina Club members for further comments until we arrived at the version above which now guides our work.

The mission statement was developed to answer the following questions about our club:

  • What do we do? (purpose)
  • How do we do it? (plan)
  • Whom do we do it for? (audience)
  • What value do we bring? (benefit)

We will regularly evaluate our mission statement each year the annual meeting, checking whether it is still an appropriate guideline for what our club does and strives to do.

Our Mission Statement

The Germany Carolina Club is the official network for alumni and friends of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Germany.

As a transatlantic volunteer organization, we serve Carolina alumni, students and officials by providing opportunities to network at our annual meeting and online.