Pictures from the Tempelhof Airport tour

“This is an exceptional building”, our tour guide Tom told us right at the start of our tour. And he was not exaggerating: The building has a rich history going far beyond being a mere airport. From grand Nazi plans to its use by U.S. soldiers during Berlin’s occupation (there’s a basketball court in there!) to the key role the airport played as the hub for the Berlin airlift to modern times as a vast outdoor space for city dwellers and a temporary home for thousands of refugees, Tempelhof airport is anything but an ordinary building.

The UNC student and alumni group participating in this Sunday walk, having graduated at various points in the past four decades, got treated to an interesting tour about a massive building hidden in plain sight in the middle of the city: “The stuff we don’t know about this building still far exceeds what we do know”, our guide said in closing.

Check out some pictures from the tour below.