Welcome to all Germany UNC alumni, fans and friends. Thanks for visiting the online home of the Germany Carolina Club. If you’re looking to connect with local Tar Heels, you’ve come to the right place.

The Germany Carolina Club brings together all alumni of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who are living or working in Germany. We’re an informal gathering that’s open to all Carolina alumni in Germany – and there’s no fee to join. We meet up every now and then in different places in Germany. Our national annual meeting is held every last weekend of May. This gathering features a talk and discussion on a topic chosen by one of our members, food and drinks as well as ample time to reminisce about UNC. Our goal is to be a member-driven network of Carolina alumni in Germany.

We’re always looking for new friends who share our love for Chapel Hill, so get in touch today and reconnect with your Carolina family: Be part of the conversation in our social media groups on LinkedIn and Xing to discuss club business, find out about Tar Heels in your area and network with other alumni. You can also check out our YouTube channel.

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The club and this website are member-driven, so every German UNC alumni is invited to provide both content for this site as well as ideas for future activities: Just contact us!

About our logo

Our logo was developed by German graphic designer Max Waid, who lived in North Carolina for a while and today is based in Canada. In his work for the Germany Carolina Club, Max focused on the transatlantic connection between Carolina/UNC and Germany, symbolized by the outside circle which incorporates the Carolina blue of UNC and the colors of the German flag. To signify that the Germany Carolina Club is a membership-driven network of alumni, he put a stylized graduation hat in the center of the logo.


Felix Bachmann
Felix Bachmann (MBA)
Club Leader
Melanie Van Oort – Hall
Melanie Van Oort - Hall (Political Science And International Studies)
Club Volunteer
Political Science; International Studies
Julian Jaursch
Julian Jaursch (MA)
Communications Coordinator
TransAtlantic Masters Program '12