When would you like to meet fellow Tar Heels? Help us find a new date for annual meeting!

Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel this year’s annual meeting because many Tar Heels couldn’t make it on the scheduled date. We had agreed on meeting on the last Saturday each year, yet we’ve learned that holidays, long weekends and school vacations can interfere with that date.

So now we’re re-evaluating our annual meeting date. Help us find a good time for Tar Heels in Germany to get together!

In his e-mail, club leader Felix summarized the most important factors to consider are (in order of importance according to club members’ feedback):

  1. German holidays (all federal and state holidays, especially those creating long weekends)
  2. German school holidays (keep in mind the different states)
  3. American holidays, e.g. 4th of July and Thanksgiving

Here are some helpful links:

Let us know what your suggestions are and e-mail us at felix.bachmann@gmx.de or germanycarolinaclub@gmx.net.