Recap: 2015 Annual Meeting in Frankfurt

Prof. Brent Wissick

With special guests visiting from Chapel Hill, NC, the 2015 annual meeting of the German Carolina Club brought together around 20 club members to discuss past events and the future direction of the growing network.

German Carolina Club Meeting 2015

Daniel Lebold, director of development for UNC Global, presented some of UNC’s global activities and emphasized what strong focus the university places on its internationalization.

Hark the Sound Image

The highlight of the afternoon was delivered by Prof. Brent Wissick of the UNC Music Department who inspired all attendees to sing the Carolina school song “Hark the sound”.

In his lecture before, entitled “Why should the Devil have all the best tunes? Luther, Bach, Mendelssohn and today”, Prof. Wissick shared some of his research and recent experiences travelling through Germany exploring Martin Luther and church music in the context of the reformation. His lecture was peppered with many little musical performances on the Viola da Gamba.

The German Carolina Club annual meeting takes place every year on the last weekend of May in Frankurt.