2016 Annual National Meeting with Prof. Jarausch in Frankfurt

Tar Heels in Germany gathered once again in Frankfurt for the 2016 annual national meeting, a tradition occurring every last weekend of May.

Our club business discussions focused mainly on drafting our mission statement, for which we will gather additional feedback via e-mail. It will then be published on the website.

Keynote by historian Prof. Jarausch

Picture Credit: UNC History

We had the great privilege of having an exclusive meeting with Professor Konrad Jarausch from UNC’s Department of History. He’s an internationally recognized expert, who has written or edited forty books in modern German and European history. His latest work, Out of Ashes, was published to highest critical acclaim in 2015 and won Honorable Mention at the 2016 PROSE Awards.

Prof. Jarausch discussed his book, a history of modern Europe, starting in the late 19th century and exploring and explaining the vagaries of the continent’s history up until the Cold War. Beyond that, however, he used the subsequent Q&A to draw interesting and insightful parallels to today’s transatlantic relations. Plus, he brought the latest news from Chapel Hill, helping all of us reminisce about the great times at UNC.